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Masjid construction appeal in memory of late Shaikul Hadith Zubair ul Hasan RA

Rahma (Mercy) will be building a Masjid in memory of the late Shaikul Hadith Zubair ul Hasan RA of Nizamuddin (India). It will be a £50,000 project in a village called Balez in Albania. We are hoping the project will be completed by Eid-ul-adha, InshaAllah.

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Featured Project - ORPHANS

Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsor an orphan for only £22 a month or £264 a year.

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Featured Project - IFTAARI

Orphan Sponsorship

It costs £10 to feed a family for 10 days and just £30 for the whole month.

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Featured Project - RAHMA ACADEMY

Rahma AcademyRahma AcademyRahma AcademyRahma Academy

With your support and duas the Rahma Academy was inaugurated on 13th September 2013...
The vision for the Rahma Academy is a centre that is accessible to all those who need it. Whether young or old the Academy will serve a purpose that will enable people to accelerate their development and progress not only in Deen but socially as well...read more

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Zam Zam Water Project
Zam Zam
Rahma (Mercy) have set this project up as a non-profit exercise, to bring Zamzam to the UK Muslim Community.Learn more

Fresh Rutab dates

Zam Zam
Sold at Rahma office, only £5 a kg
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